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JCM new decking with stairs installation

Expert landscaping & garden maintenance services in Tavistock

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JCM landscaping and gardening

Transform your garden with landscaping from JCM

Give yourself the garden of your dreams with our professional assistance.

Whether you want to just sit back and relax in the summer months and admire the wonders of nature, or you want to impress all your friends and family with a summer garden party, our landscaping can help you.

If you know exactly what you want to achieve, our team can help turn your ideas into reality. However, if you're short of ideas but know you want some improvements, we can show you examples of landscaping work we've completed in the past to help spark some inspiration.

You can tailor our services to match the work that you want. Our team is experienced in handling extensive garden transformations, but we can also help you if you only need one specific service or some hand with garden maintenance.

Our landscaping work can include:

Both soft and hard landscaping work undertaken

  • Garden fencing: We can install fencing that is suitable for any type of property. You can count on our team to complete a highly secure installation that won't need regularly repairing at extra cost to you.

  • Patio laying and design: Is your old patio detracting from the look of your property? Replace it with a modern version and immediately notice the difference.

  • Decking: Introduce a modern, contemporary aspect to your garden with some new decking, which also provides a great gathering area for outdoor parties and barbecues.

  • Garden paths: Ensure you no longer have to walk through mud or wet grass to reach your shed or back gate.

  • Planting and seeding: Let us do the hard work, and then sit back and wait whilst your garden blossoms into colourful life.

  • Turfing: Replace your tired lawn with luscious green grass.

  • And much more.

JCM landscaper and gardener
JCM patios and stairs

Reliable garden maintenance service for Plymouth and surrounding areas

JCM help you with all the tasks, from tree care to lawn mowing, that you can't do, or don't have the time for.

  • If you're a commercial customer, you'll know the importance of making sure your garden areas look appealing, or at the very least tidy, to give a positive impression of your company for all your important visitors. This is why we can offer regular maintenance contracts - to ensure your garden is in good shape throughout the year. However, we're also happy to help you on a one-off basis, if desired, too. Whilst a lot of the garden maintenance tasks we offer can probably be completed by yourself, using our services saves you all the time and effort, and ensures all work is completed to a high professional standard.

Our garden maintenance work can include:

  • Lawn care: Improve the quality of your lawn with our professional assistance. We can take on all lawn mowing work - from large commercial properties to small domestic gardens.

  • Tree care: Do you have an unruly tree blocking light from properly entering your garden? We can help you cut it down to size.

  • Hedge cutting: We can help trim your hedges in an orderly, consistent fashion.

  • Garden repairs: If you've damaged your fencing, decking, or patios, we'll be happy to repair the damage without having to buy costly new items.

For more information about our landscaping, please contact us with any further enquiries.

JCM shed

Not got the time to complete the garden maintenance tasks which need doing? We're happy to help you. Just give us a call on

07800 754848

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